23rd Oct 2009
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Graduate training schemes.

I am currently employed by a business bank and work as an accounts team official. I am not satisfied with the opportunities offered to me in terms of progression and I am considering applying to various graduate schemes as I have a strong academic background. Would this be appropriate given that it is 4 years since I graduated?


Hello Dimitrios. We forwarded your question to Belinda Walmsley, Associate Director at Joslin Rowe:

There's no real reason why you couldn't apply for a graduate scheme despite your 4 years of experience. Indeed, under the new UK age discrimination legislation you could be any of any age and thus any experience level.


However, bear in mind graduate schemes are essentially entry level positions. You could find yourself frustrated by the lack of autonomy and basic nature of the role. I would counsel that applying to a graduate scheme would only be a worthwhile move if you were contemplating a complete career change - say from accountancy to marketing.


If this isn't the case and you want to continue in accountancy, why not explore options at other employers that will develop you more but take account of your current experience (and pay you a wage for this expertise).


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