3rd Mar 2010
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Training as a stockbroker

I am interested in becoming a stockbroker but do not hold a degree, are there any avenues to pursue this aim?

Your reply would be most helpful and received gratefully.

Thank you


Hello Tim,

Although many entry level roles in investment companies are filled by graduates, a degree is not necessarily required if you wish to pursue a career as a stockbroker. Although competition is likely to be fierce in this industry and there is every chance you will be competing against graduates, some companies will be prepared to train candidates who are able to demonstrate key personal attributes such as drive, ambition, enthusiasm and motivation, coupled with some relevant commercial experience and a knowledge of the financial markets and how they operate.

You will perhaps need to consider joining an investment company in a junior role and should be prepared work your way up with determination and dedication.

Best of luck with your career choice.

Rob, TopFinancialJobs. 


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