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Faced with fierce competition for every financial vacancy, you need to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd. A poorly compiled CV will seriously affect your chances of selection for interview. Many candidates struggle to put together a CV that represents a true and impressive refection of themselves and thus lose out in a candidate heavy financial jobs market.

These pages are designed to offer CV advice to candidates to help secure that all important interview. The following pages offer general advice, and shortly specific advice for specific finance roles will be published. We are grateful to Platinum Professional CV Services for providing this advice and entreat you to take up their free CV review and CV writing services if you need assistance.

7th Oct 2009 Why invest in your CV?

Most people realise that investing in one’s CV is important for landing a job...

7th Oct 2009 Purpose of your CV

Your CV has one job to do: to get you an interview for the particular area you have targeted in this specific organisation.

7th Oct 2009 Who reads your CV and what are they looking for?

This is easy - the hiring manager. Wrong! Well, maybe a quarter right. The truth is there may be several people involved in the decision...

7th Oct 2009 Key guidelines when writing your CV

There are dozens of guides and templates out in the market to help craft your CV, so this section will try to remind you of some elementary things to get right...

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