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We take a regular look at financial services, banking and accounting recruitment news to give you a flavour of the current job market. We'll look at the performance of financial recruitment agencies, which sectors appear to be outperforming others and we'll do our best to spot early signs of recovery and confidence.

26th Apr 2017 Financial jobs on the rise in London despite Brexit

London continues to see strong growth in terms of job vacancies in the financial sector and this trend shows no sign of abating despite concerns surrounding Brexit.

10th Jun 2010 Accounting for International Development

Social enterprise seeks accounting volunteers for overseas projects.

19th Mar 2010 Financial Employment News

As unemployment drops, there are signs of life in the City of London employment market.

23rd Feb 2010 Financial Recruitment News

Scotland is revealed as a popular destination for financial services job seekers and Robert Half reveals its top 5 accounting jobs.

15th Feb 2010 Graduate and financial services employment news

More bad news for graduates this week, but some signs of recovery in the City.

5th Feb 2010 Recruitment News

As the Bank of England suspends its quantitative easing programme, signs of positivity in the job markets continue to leak out...

29th Jan 2010 Statistics, statistics and some good news from Badenoch and Clark.

As the United Kingdom emerges from recession, employment statistics remain challenging. Recruiter Badenoch and Clark has some good news for finance and accounting candidates.

27th Nov 2009 Economic and Financial Job Market Review

There was good and bad news for the economy this week, but financial recruiters appear to be showing increasing signs of optimism.

13th Nov 2009 Financial Job Market News

Another difficult week for the financial and overall job market, with another 5,000 jobs lost at the Lloyd's Banking Group.

6th Nov 2009 Recruitment and Economic Review

Some optimism this week for job seekers in accountancy and finance, although a steady recovery is far from guaranteed.

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