Office Assistant

Posted: 14/01/22
Recruiter:Partner Recruiter
Description: The candidate should:
* Be someone who is looking for a varied role and who is flexible in their approach to team
working and an ever-changing workload
* Have basic skills in Office programs - Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel
* Have at least one year's experience in an office environment
* Be smart in their appearance
* Be professional in their presentation and telephone manner
* Have good communication skills
* Appreciate that work within the environment is highly confidential
* Be aware that attention to detail is a key attribute
* Be an active team player
* Be someone who would like to progress their career eventually to PA level
The post reports to the Office Manager and is within the Support Team. Responsibilities will include:
* Assisting our Receptionist set up and clear meeting rooms
* Covering for our Receptionist - meeting and greeting guests
* Ordering or buying lunches
* Keeping the kitchen clean/tidy, loading and unloading the dishwasher
* Dealing with printing, binding and copying requests for the Team
* Assisting in logging expenses, etc. and other admin duties
* Entering information onto the Company's database
* Booking couriers and travel
* Working with our Receptionist to archive documents off-site
* Undertake a weekly stock check of kitchen supplies, paper, binding combs and hot binding covers
* Assisting our Receptionist to prepare the daily reception sheet for Security
* Basic document assistance, e.g. watermarking, etc.
Training will be provided to cover all aspects detailed above

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