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Job description

Fund Managers are expert investment specialists who manage the investments for large funds on behalf of individual and large institutional investors. Fund Managers must decide where best to invest funds, whilst maintaining diverse portfolios to mitigate risk and maximise returns. Many funds are focussed on specific areas - for example Emerging Markets - and as such Fund Managers are experts in the sectors in which they invest.

Fund management is a very challenging and high profile profession which also brings with it a certain amount of prestige. Fund Managers have to deal with the problems and stresses associated with managing vast sums of money on behalf of large numbers of investors.

Although fund management involves many different roles and responsibilities, some typical duties include:

  • Monitoring markets and keeping on top of current events - anything that might affect the value of investments.
  • Meeting with clients and understanding their investment priorities.
  • Issues reports and advice to clients.
  • Liaising with analysts and researchers and applying their analysis and research to investment decisions.
  • Meeting with investment banks and finance experts to maintain an expert knowledge of markets, market trends and products.
  • Making decisions on investments and directing transactions.


Senior Fund Managers have many years of experience working in the financial markets. Junior roles in fund management require qualifications such as the IMC and candidates often work towards becoming Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA). Entry level roles require an excellent track record of academic achievement up to (and sometimes beyond) undergraduate level.

Salary Snapshot

Fund Managers receive excellent remuneration packages. Junior roles also offer competitive salaries.

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